Young Living

Who is Young Living?

Many people dream of making their passion their job. D. Gary Young, founder of Young Living (1993) and founder of the modern essential oil movement, did so. Gary discovered the power of essential oils over two decades ago. With Young Living he has been able to share his knowledge with millions of others. Gary's knowledge of the power of plants has led to the creation of the widest range of essential oils and blends. With these essential oils they want to inspire people to live a life full of well-being, abundance and ambition. Young Living is the only company that can guarantee the quality and purity of the oils, partly because it is the only essential oil supplier to have its own farms. No harmful chemicals are used in growing the plants and the crops are not genetically manipulated. This is called the unique "Seed to Seal" process. The entire process is strictly controlled, from the seed to the sealing of the bottle. It is precisely because of this that the products remain pure and of the highest quality.
What makes Young Living oil so special?

Young Living produces therapeutic grade essential oils. This means that they can actually support your overall well-being. Young Living sets high standards for its production process in order to produce the best oils. Only in this way can they offer the quality they have in mind; pure, high in therapeutic value and without genetic engineering or harmful chemicals.

Purity and quality of Young Living's essential oils have been paramount for over 25 years. As the only essential oil supplier in the world, they have their own farms (8 in total) that can be found all over the world.

Young Living applies the Seed to seal policy. Seed to seal means that the entire process from seed to sealing the bottles is in-house. All products are strictly controlled by themselves and third parties.


Powerful, effective essential oils come from seeds and plants that are tested for their ability to produce high quality essential oil. The seeds Young Living uses have been selected for their scientifically moving ability to become plants with the highest possible levels of bioactive compounds.


Growing on Young Living's eight farms, the company has mastered the creation of pure, powerful essential oils. The company takes its knowledge all over the world to sister companies that work with the same Seed to Seal principle, to ensure that their growth processes meet the strict quality standards that Young Living applies.


Distillation: Young Living combines ancient and modern distillation techniques, at a low pressure and temperature, to preserve the beneficial plant ingredients of each harvested batch during the first and only distillation.


Every essential oil at Young Living is first tested against its own strict requirements to ensure that the optimal bio-active natural substances are present. The tests are carried out by Young Living in its own internal laboratories, and are supplemented with checks by third parties. This ensures that international purity and potency standards are met and, even better, exceeded.


When an essential oil meets all strict requirements, each bottle of essential oil in the Seed to Seal process is carefully sealed and inspected before it can be shipped to members worldwide.
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Why choose Young Living oils?

Now you probably think, but I can buy a bottle of oil anywhere, and also a lot cheaper? That's right, there are a lot of providers on the market, but usually the oil is not 100% essential. This oil is fine to use for the fragrance, but you do not have the therapeutic quality. And that is why we consciously choose Young Living oils.

Below are a number of reasons why we choose Young Living oils

Want to know more about essential oils?

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