Foot reflexology massage

Foot reflexology massage

Thai foot reflex massage is an alternative medicine that activates the natural healing process and the energy flow of the body. With Thai foot reflex massage, the pressure points on the sole of the foot are stimulated with a stick. In Asia, foot reflexology is the most common massage that is used as a treatment for insomnia, headaches, back pain, pain in the knee, problems in the foot and stress.
Walk as if you are kissing the earth with your feet – Thich Nhat Hanh
The goal of a foot reflexology massage is to reduce physical and mental tension. The Thai foot reflexology massage is built up with rubbing movements over the entire foot to warm up the foot. Then the foot is lightly massaged and treated with the acupressure method. Human organs such as the heart, lungs, stomach, intestines and kidneys can be found on the sole of the foot in the form of meridians. The foot reflex massage stimulates the organs in their function and waste products are removed more quickly.
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What is foot reflexology massage?

Thai foot refloxology is a massage technique aimed at the feet, using a special wooden stick. The technique is aimed at stimulating and relaxing the body and to restore the body to a healthy balance in a natural way. By exercising acupressure on certain points of the sole of the foot, the organs are stimulated. The massage is often experienced as pleasant. Many people experience tingling and stimuli during the massage. A slight painful stimulus can indicate a blockage of the energy flow. By gently massaging the pressure points and applying acupressure, the blockage will be reduced or even lifted. Foot reflex massage restores the balance in the body and allows energy to flow again.

What is foot reflexology good for?

What does a foot reflexology massage cost?

30 minutes foot reflexology massage

50   per massage
  • duration: 30 minutes

45 minutes foot reflexology massage

00   per massage
  • duration: 45 minutes

60 minutes foot reflexology massage

00   per massage
  • duration: 60 minutes

What does a Thai foot reflex massage entail?

Before we start the treatment, we examine the feet during an extensive intake and discuss any complaints. But even without specific complaints, a foot reflex massage is a great way to give your feet extra attention. The treatment has a stimulating effect on the circulation of blood, lymph, nerve and energy channels. By massaging the areas on and under the foot, which correspond to organs and other parts of the body, the nerve endings become clean and the energy channels free again, restoring energy and blood supply to the organs. In addition to the treatment on the feet, the ankles, calf, knee and muscle joints are also included in the massage.

What is the difference between foot massage and foot reflexology

The way of massaging is different for both massages. A foot massage often uses smooth movements such as ironing and kneading. The effect of the treatment remains more on the surface. With a foot reflex massage, more use is made of pressing and vibrating movements. These are alternated with more relaxed techniques such as ironing and kneading. This way of massaging can sometimes be painful, but the effect is on the deeper layers and therefore retains its effect longer.

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