Lavender eye pillow for yoga and meditation

Relax with a lavender eye pillow

During the final relaxation of my yoga classes, I always let the participants enjoy a lavender eye pillow on their eyes. This ensures that both the face and the whole body relax. Lavender provides a calming and soothing effect. But because the eye pads are used by everyone in a yoga school, I thought it would be a better and more hygienic idea if you have your own eye pillow. From that idea I started to make my own eye pillows to offer them during my workshops. Yogis are already used to bringing their own mat or towel, why not their own eye pillow? And you can take your eye pillow home and use it at home. For example, if you cannot sleep or if you have a headache, the lavender can help you relax.
Lavender eye pillow for yoga

Filled with linseed and lavender

The lavender eye pillows are filled with aromatic organic linseed (flax) and lavender (organic flowers). The inner fabric and the outer fabric are both 100% cotton and can therefore also be washed easily.

Eye pillows with nice prints

We find standard colors a bit too boring, which is why we make our eye pads in fun designs. In our webshop you can find eye pillows with different designs. 
Lavender eyepillow - the flower of life

Lavender eyepillow - print


Promotion! Win a lavender oil roller!

If you order an eye pillow, you have the chance to win a handy roller with lavender oil. This way you can relax in places where you cannot use your eye pillow.

How does it work?

  1. order an eye pillow
  2. share a photo of your purchased eye pillow on facebook or instagram with the hashtag #thefloweroflife
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Nice tip: Put your eye pillow in the freezer for 10 minutes

If you cool the eye pillow a little, you can also cool the eyes, neck and shoulders. You can do this by putting such a pillow in the freezer for at least 10 minutes, or for a few hours in a plastic bag, while it remains supple and soft and adds a cool element to your relaxation experience. When the coolness decreases, you can turn the pillow over, so that you can enjoy the coolness a little longer. In addition to the relaxation it gives in general, you can also use the pillow for headaches or tense muscles. Use of the pillow relaxes the eyes, and the eyebrows, cheekbones and temples can also relax more.