Essential oils at work

The power of essential oil in the workplace

Essential oils can be a great supportive factor in the workplace. At workplaces as well as offices and in (care) institutions. The oils can reduce the feeling of stress, support the immune system and support the feeling in a natural way. The oils have a positive influence on the health and the feeling of the people who work or live in the buildings.

Sickness absence and essential oils

The well-being of employees is already a major concern at many companies. More and more organizations are aware of air quality in the building and its effect on the health and well-being of the staff. Research has shown that you should actually refresh the air in a building every two hours every day. But the ventilation required for this is not always possible. As a result, people complain about, for example, headaches, dry eyes, fatigue, irritated airways, allergies and even insomnia.

In addition to air quality, stress is still one of the causes of absenteeism. The workload and the speed of society cannot always be kept up.

Essential oils have a positive effect on the health and well-being of employees, staff and residents of companies and healthcare institutions. As far back as 1955, researchers Keller and Kober found that essential oils reduced or even destroyed bacteria in the air.

How does that work?

Due to the poor air quality in offices, there are all kinds of polluting and pathogenic substances in the air, called microbes, which are not conducive to your health. Essential oils are natural, microbe-killing substances that can turn this off. This is because they have the property that they can influence the metabolism at the cellular level and thus disable bacteria and viruses. Oils from trees, various herbs and citrus fruits in particular have an antiseptic effect.

In addition to air-purifying oils, there are also oils that can also be used for the atmosphere in a building.

How good it smells here!

Scents evoke emotions in people, they give you a certain feeling. Just think of peppermint, it gives a fresh feeling. Or lemon, that gives a clean feeling. By using the oils in the workplace, you also give people a certain feeling. There are oils that have a soothing effect, such as lavender, or that just give things a little boost after lunch. So you can use peppermint for that. Depending on the company or healthcare institution, you can tailor the use of the essential oils to the need.

How can you use the oils in the office?

In the flower of life we ​​use Young Living oils. These pure essential oils are produced under our own management and receive the so-called “seed to seal” quality mark. This means that the entire production process is monitored, from sowing the raw material to closing the bottle. There are various diffusers for spreading these oils.

Would you like advice on how to use the essential oils in your workplace or would you like more information? Then contact us. We can map out the needs of the people in the office or in the institution and give tailor-made oil advice.