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November 13-17 2023

Experiencing connection is the key to destressing. But how can you assist as an employer?

From November 13-17, there is once again extra focus on workplace stress during the Week of Work-Related Stress (WVDWS). This years theme is Connection. And connection holds a special place in our hearts because it precisely encapsulates what we do! “Are you still looking for activities that you, as an employer, can include in the program during the Week of Work-Related Stress? Consider our chair massages! Or get inspired by six other activities you can offer during the Week of Work-Related Stress.


A chair massage is a gift to receive during busy workdays. And ours promote vitality and help energy flow again. We provide massages on professional ergonomic chairs. Plus, you can keep your clothing on during the massage. Convenient, isn’t it? 

At The Flower of Life, we do everything to make this a special and enjoyable moment for our clients. We also have knowledge of acupressure and yoga, and we incorporate them during the massage.  scents and music This allows employees to achieve a deeper level of relaxation and reconnect with their own needs. 

But often, you’ll need to get back to work after your massage! No need to worry, though, because we always have peppermint oil on hand. This aroma will quickly rejuvenate   and is a real energizer.  But believe us, after your massage, you’ll feel refreshed and ready to take on the world! And you will You’ll notice that you release tension more easily and sleep better. 

And like this a chair massage is the perfect break, and it recharges your precious battery too!

Three corporate activities that help keep your employees fit and vital.

Flex & Stretch

With Flex & Stretch, you release tension, and shoulders and hips are loosened. Take a break from your desk chair and get moving together in a cheerful way – because that’s also about connection.

Are these hammocks piquing your curiosity? In addition to regular yoga classes, Leontine also offers special Aerial Yoga workshops on-site. You can let the hammock cradle you, and it provides you with a massage. Extra relaxing!

Are you working in a hybrid manner? And not everyone is present in the workplace? No problem! Our online yoga classes are easy to follow and can be offered to a large group, allowing you to participate in an activity together.

Three great workshops that teach employees how to relax more easily.

Home retreat box - the flower of life Amsterdam

Workshop: Health from Within

Health begins from within. It’s crucial to have a body that is in balance at the cellular level, and you can measure it. Curious about how? We’d be happy to explain in our workshop.

Workshop: The Power of Scent

The power of scent for the body and mind, relaxation, or perhaps better sleep. Experience what scent can do at home and in the workplace.

Workshop: Yoga Nidra & Yin Yoga

Yoga nidra / yin yoga brings peace and relaxation to the body and mind. After a long day, your body can relax and recharge completely. Take a moment to connect with yourself and your deepest desires.

Are you convinced about our chair massages? Or have you spotted another activity you'd like to add to your program?

The Flower of Life: we make energy flow again.

Everything is energy. If a client has blockages in their body, we know how to locate and address them. This allows energy to flow again, and it plays a crucial role in reducing absenteeism.

The connection between the client and the masseur is unique and rekindles the flow of energy. Massage is not a luxury but maintenance for your body. If the energy flow isn’t smooth, your body and mind become blocked. After all, body and mind are fundamentally interconnected.

The Flower of Life provides you with peace and relaxation through expert chair massages. We take our time with people and are sensitive to their needs. That’s how we know how to strike the right chord with our clients. This way, we provide something extra, which helps resolve blockages for a longer or even permanent period.

We would be delighted to visit for a chair massage at the workplace or one of our other activities (yoga, Flex & Stretch, knowledge workshops, and vitality advice) that we offer to contribute to job satisfaction and reduce work-related stress.

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