Vitality in the workplace

Vitality stands for energy. Enough energy, for at home and at work. Vital employees contribute to a healthy organization. Work is a big part of our daily life. By offering vitality at work, you as an employer contribute to a healthy and energetic life for your employees.

Increase vitality

Supporting the vitality of your employees encourages them to continue making a positive contribution in the long term. This results in lower absenteeism and higher satisfaction. The tax authorities encourage employers to invest in the health and vitality of their employees.

healthy and vital at work

The flower of life offers various ways to get started with vitality in the workplace. Which shape suits you? What do you tackle first? By investing in vitality you also invest in your employees. Better motivation, higher satisfaction are some of the benefits of a vitality program.

How we help companies

Ali Cetinkaya giving a chair massage the flower of life

Chair massage

The relaxing effect of chair massage will significantly reduce complaints such as stress in the workplace.
Young living Starter Kit

Essential oils

Smell has an influence in working environments on health, emotions and productivity.

Business yoga - chair yoga

Start the day with yoga and start your working day fresh and active or go home relaxed after a restful class.

Do you also want a vital workplace?

If you as a company have a vitality budget but this is not yet being used optimally, we will of course be happy to help you with an appropriate offer that suits you and your employees. This way you and your employees remain energetic and driven. Do you want to know more? Please contact us for a further introduction and a suitable offer.

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