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Invest in your company and your employees! Do you consider it important that your employees stay healthy and fit? Then it’s essential to invest in your workforce, and corporate yoga can certainly contribute to this. Corporate yoga can certainly contribute to this. Reduced stress and increased focus are some of the benefits that corporate yoga brings. Additionally, think about quicker muscle and joint recovery, reducing the risk of RSI or burnout complaints.

Benefits of corporate yoga:

  • Reduced stress
  • Better sleep
  • Lower absenteeism
  • Satisfied employees
  • Increased energy
  • RSI prevention
  • Improved focus and concentration
  • Greater physical and mental balance

Investing in the health of your employees pays off.


Corporate yoga is gaining popularity and is finding its way into more and more companies. The Flower of Life offers various forms of yoga, catering to everyone’s preferences. Starting the day with more active yoga or a flexibility and stretching session loosens the muscles and ensures an energetic beginning to the day.


Prefer to loosen up during a break? That’s also an option with a chair yoga class. This way, you can experience the benefits of this stretching session right at your desk. You’ll feel more space, energy will flow again, and you can continue your afternoon feeling re-energized.


Tired after a long day at work? Release all the day’s tension with a delightful yin yoga class in the office or online. Stretching the connective tissues and relaxing the nervous system completely. This way, you can leave the day behind and head into your evening feeling relaxed. You’ll notice that you sleep more deeply and wake up feeling more relaxed.

We offer the following programs:


We have a diverse range of yoga classes. Active classes for an energetic start to the day, chair yoga at your desk, stress release with yin yoga, relaxation with restorative yoga, or a yoga nidra class for better sleep. Additionally, we offer stretch and flex classes, ideal for employees engaged in physically demanding work. Your shoulders and hips will thank you. You can find more information about Stretch and Flex


Would you like to offer something special for your team or employees? We also provide yoga workshops. For example, during team-building days or staff events. We can arrange these workshops for yearly activities during the Week of Vitality or the Week of Work-Related Stress, for instance.
Experience the joy of being cradled in a hammock while your body relaxes with Aerial yoga. If you’re looking to enhance the experience with aromatherapy for deeper relaxation and stress release, then an aroma yoga workshop is definitely a great fit for your team.

Online yogaclasses

In addition to on-site yoga classes, you can also join us for online sessions. We offer customized classes tailored to your company or team, or you can participate in our regular online classes that we offer on a weekly basis. With a subscription, your employees can conveniently take part in the online lessons in the evening or morning. From wherever they are, whenever they choose.

Questions about corporate yoga in Amsterdam?

Why corporate yoga?

We find ourselves sitting at our desks or in meetings more and more often. And not just at work, but also at home during remote work. High workloads, constant deadlines, and being always available have become the new normal. Due to this prolonged sitting, we’re asking more of our bodies. You’re probably familiar with the expression, “sitting is the new smoking.”

Every three years, CBS and RIVM collect data on our sitting behavior through the lifestyle monitor. Did you know that, in 2021, Dutch individuals aged 4 and older spent an average of 9.1 hours sitting each day? Excessive sitting isn’t good for our health. People who sit too much (more than 8 hours a day) and engage in little physical activity have a 74% higher risk of heart and vascular diseases compared to those who sit for less than 4 hours a day. You can check the factsheet here.

Yoga at the workplace is a powerful tool to release the tension that accumulates in our neck, shoulders, and head and to allow energy to flow again. It helps reconnect you with your body and can empty minds that are overflowing with stress. Research has shown that corporate yoga reduces stress and improves concentration. Do you want to bring more vitality to your employees and, at the same time, reduce absenteeism?

If so, request a quote for a vitality boost and let the energy flow once more!


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Met 0 ervaring aangesloten bij Leontine en haar online lessen. Echt geweldig! Uitleg is helder. Heerlijk uurtje even voor mijzelf! Heel fijn! Ze merkt op wanneer je de spanning of weerstand tegen komt en praat je er gewoon doorheen.
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Ik heb recent een aromayoga workshop mogen volgen bij Leontine. Een super combinatie, de yogahoudingen die hun werk doen versterkt door de olieen die gebruikt worden. De rust van Leontine en haar kennis maken het zeker een aanrader!

Deze bedrijven maken gebruik van de diensten van The Flower of Life:

Is jouw bedrijf de volgende?

Leontine Denisse

I worked in the corporate world for 23 years, and I personally experienced what a demanding job, high stress, and being constantly available can do to the body and mind. I discovered the healing power of yoga during a period when my body was completely exhausted. My energy was depleted, and it wouldn’t recharge, and I had lost touch with myself. To reconnect with myself, I began taking yoga classes. I quickly noticed that I slept better, my nervous system calmed down, and my energy began to flow again. This transformation prompted me to explore various forms of yoga and how they interact with the body.

During the training I underwent, I learned a lot about the human body and how energy functions within it, recognizing that it varies from person to person. Everyone has different needs, and I approach teaching with this in mind. I’m eager to help each individual get the most out of the class, whether it’s about finding peace, deepening their practice, or letting go. Everyone is given the space and the opportunity to participate at their own level.

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