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Experience peace and relaxation at work with our chair massages The Flower of Life visits your office in Amsterdam and surrounding areas. Our massages relieve tension and get the energy flowing again. This way, we contribute to vitality in your workplace.

The benefits of chair massage in the workplace.

Massage reduces stress. 

An open door. But you probably know someone in your environment with a stiff neck, tense shoulders, lower back pain, or maybe even RSI symptoms. (Or it’s you!) With chair massage, we focus on the upper part of your body and provide relief. This way, you can manage stress in the short term.

Stay fit on the floor because energy flows.

But in the long term, you will also stay fitter through (regular) chair massage. Because where things loosen up, energy also starts flowing again. As a result, you and your colleagues are and remain fitter and more vital at work. After a massage, you’ll experience the space to focus on what truly matters, leading to a productive feeling.

You score points with your colleagues, and as an employer.

…because, as an employer, you prioritize the well-being of your employees! Many studies show that occasional chair massage reduces absenteeism. In 2023, when we predominantly work in a hybrid manner, chair massage is an excellent reason to come to the office. It will also be a bonus for new employees to receive a relaxing massage.

Why chair massage with The Flower of Life?


The Flower of Life helps you experience relaxation in the workplace, and we promise that your energy will flow again. We offer a personalized approach for everyone and consider what works for your company, and what you value in the workplace.

Our work area for chair massage.

If you get a massage

For you as an employer this means...​

NB! Chair massage can be tax deductible

Also useful to know: chair massage can be tax deductible for you as an employer. Provided that fits into your Arbo plan. And of course there are also conditions and rules attached to it. To help you, we have listed all the information for you.

This is what our customers say about us.

Vitality in the workplace
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We invited Ali & Leontine to the SBT (Foundation for Special Dentistry). We received wonderful feedback about the massages from all our colleagues. Ali & Leontine ensured that everyone is back to being vital on the workplace. Thank you!
Flexibel, nice & professional
Chairmassage on the workfloor
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We hired The Flower Of Life to do chair massages in our office on a regular base. The chair massages were welcomed massively and became a big hit in the office. Leontine & Ali were nice, professional and flexible if we needed to reschedule.
Great massage therapists
Koninklijk Theater Carré
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What great masseurs. Exactly what we needed to perform well at the premiere show in Koninklijk Theater Carré. Thank you!
Chairmassages on the workfloor
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Leontine and Ali are fantastic! They can adapt well to the individuals and/or the company they visit, making everyone feel comfortable. Our staff would love to have you around every day! 😉

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Massage on events

Are you looking for a one-time massage session for your company event? We can help with that too. We operate at various locations in Amsterdam, and there are various options available.

Frequently asked questions about chair massage

A standard chair massage treatment lasts for 20 minutes. Depending on your preferences and budget, you can choose between 15, 25, or 30-minute massages. We’re here to provide advice that aligns with your needs

Yes, we work with fixed masseurs. This is good for mutual trust and the personal approach in the massage treatments. Due to this approach, the masseur is always aware of the employees’ health condition.

Chair massage at companies makes employees more aware of their working posture and the level of tension in their bodies. Employees become more attuned to the signals their bodies send, making it easier to respond promptly to any symptoms.

If necessary, we provide advice to see a doctor or visit a physiotherapist so that individuals don’t delay addressing a complaint for too long. Chair massage can thus contribute to a good preventive policy aimed at health-promoting measures in the workplace.

By regularly offering chair massages to employees, their well-being and health are maintained. The massages can be offered to employees every two weeks or once a month.

Most chair massage providers often emphasize the prevention of RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) symptoms and improved blood circulation, which is excellent. However, at The Flower of Life, we offer a little more.

During our chair massages, we also use aromatherapy and music. This allows the employee to completely step away from work during the massage, relax, and then return to work with fresh energy. The power of scent and music adds value to the relaxation of the nervous system.

Ja natuurlijk kan dat! Als beloning na een drukke periode, tijdens een bedrijfsevenement, ter ondersteuning van een beursstand of gedurende een gezondheidsweek staan we graag voor u klaar om voor de deelnemers een onvergetelijke indruk achter te laten.

Frequently Asked Questions about Costs & Reimbursements

The tax authorities encourage employers to invest in the health and vitality of their employees, and chair massages are considered an occupational provision with a ‘nil’ value.

This means that chair massages, provided the conditions set by the tax authorities are met, can be reimbursed without impacting the 1.2% budget of the work-related expense scheme (WKR).

Conditions for a company to meet:

  • The employer must have a workplace health and safety plan (arboplan).
  • Chair massages must be reasonably included in this plan.
  • Massages should take place during working hours at the workplace.
  • Employees do not have to pay a personal contribution.
  • There should be no significant personal saving for the employee.

If these conditions are not met, chair massages can still be provided tax-free under the work-related expense scheme (WKR).

In this tax scheme, employers can allocate up to a maximum of 1.2% of the total wage bill to provide reimbursements and benefits for employees. It is no longer necessary to keep track of these reimbursements for each employee individually; it can be managed at the company level. You can find more information about this on

Unfortunately, health insurance companies do not reimburse massages that are offered by the employer company-wide.

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