Aroma yoga

What is aroma yoga?

Aroma yoga is yoga where essential oils are used during the yoga postures. Using the 100% pure oil we use during the workshop, you can deepen your yoga and meditation practice even more. The oils support you mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Discover the unique combination of yoga and essential (aroma) oil. Essential oils have traditionally been used to promote health, to provide relief from physical and mental complaints and to deepen meditation and prayer.

The harmonious combination of yoga and essential oil reinforce each other and provide an even greater effect and deepening of the yoga practice. In this workshop, through specially selected exercises from Yin yoga and therapeutically qualified oils, the connection between body, mind and spirit is promoted and brought into balance.

Yoga and aromatherapy are holistic and ancient practices, providing physical, mental and spiritual benefits to the practitioner. Using essential oils while practicing yoga can enhance the experience and benefits of both therapeutic areas. Not only are the senses surprised by the beautiful aromas during yoga, but the focus and effects of the poses are enhanced through the use of carefully chosen essential oils. So the oil can be used along with yoga to enhance a certain part of your practice, be it physical, spiritual or mental.

what are essential oils?

  • Essential oils are the natural, fragrant liquids found in naturally growing materials. Essential oils, also called “essences,” are botanical extracts of various plant materials, and come not only from flowers, but also from herbs, trees, and various other plant materials. Essential oils have been used throughout by shamans and healers who have used the healing powers of these extracts for centuries. Depending on the makeup of a particular essential oil, the practitioner begins to experience or feel a wide range of emotions. This can include old or negative emotions; Experience a detoxifying or cleansing feeling; Soothing tension or sore muscles;

Essential Oil has been used for centuries in various cultures and religions to nourish the body and mind, just like yoga.

How can the oils be used to improve my yoga?

Essential or essential oils can be extremely potent and are therefore best used under supervision. For example, which oils do we use?

  • lavender can promote relaxation
  • lemon grass can be used to revitalize and stimulate
  • orange has an invigorating but also relaxing
  • peppermint opens the sinus so that we can also breathe better oxygen in an active class.
  • During aroma yoga we use the essential oil in various ways. For example, we use a diffuser that aromatically fills the room with a special oil. This can be a cleansing oil or, for example, an oil that makes us more active.

    Another way to use the oil is to apply the oil directly to the skin. We dilute the oil with a carrier oil and you can then apply this on the wrists, behind the ears or in the neck, or even on your third eye. Yogaroma oils can be smeared on the wrists as a fragrance at any time of the day or night. The added benefit of using the oils on the mat is that the lovely scents will remind you of the feelings of happiness you experience during the exercise, further contributing to the beneficial effects of the oils themselves.

what does an aroma yoga workshop look like?

I regularly organize aroma yoga workshops with various themes. For example, it can be a restorative class that is about letting go or a detox class or perhaps an active hatha class. Before we start using the oil, there is first a small explanation about the oil. What effect does the oil have and what can you use the oil for. Most oils can be used for several things and it is therefore nice to know what you could use an oil for in addition to yoga and meditation. Then we do a number of appropriate exercises. At the end of this aroma-yoga workshop you will go home completely relaxed.

active hatha Yoga

In this lesson we start with an explanation about essential oils, how they can be applied and on which physical and emotional level the oils can offer support. Adding essential oils to the yoga practice speeds up or improves the ability to control the flow of thought through yoga postures and breathing.

Historically, oils have been used to help bring you into the present moment and heal physical and emotional complaints. When combining oils and yoga, we bring the two disciplines together to enhance the relaxing effect, helping you to promote your physical health and release emotional blockages.

restorative aroma yoga

This is a gentle yoga class where your body and mind can recover and recharge through restorative and mindful yoga. To understand how essential oils can support you to find balance in different areas of your life; you are invited to the class to let your senses experience the power of smell.

What can this workshop bring you?

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The oils used during the aroma-yoga workshop are the oils of young living. If you want more information about essential oils in general, check out the page about essential oils.