About the flower of life

Leontine Denisse

My name is Leontine Denisse and I live in Amsterdam. In 2010 I started with yoga. Working too hard, too much stress and too little attention to my body left me exhausted. With yoga I have regained balance. I now feel much better what my body needs. The first five years I followed yoga classes myself and enjoyed various yoga holidays. In February 2014 I took yoga classes in India for a week. There I got a good explanation of what the exercises do to your body. I wanted to know more about that. I found yin yoga especially interesting. I found myself benefiting from this form of yoga. It allows me to find peace again. To put aside all the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Leontine Denisse the flower of life

Training Yin Yoga teacher

I started looking for a yoga course to find more depth in what yoga does for your body. In October 2014 I started the yin yoga teacher training at the New Yoga School of Johan Noorloos in Amsterdam. I have successfully completed this training. During the training I mainly learned a lot about the human body and that every person is different. I also teach with that approach. I like to help everyone to get the best out of class. Whether that concerns getting rest, deepening or letting go. Everyone is given the space and can participate at his / her own level. At the same time came the idea of ​​a sabbatical. I wanted to go back to India to get more yoga experience. In February 2015 I left where I stayed with Ashiyana for a month and followed a training in classical hatha yoga. With this knowledge I started teaching in July 2015. In the meantime, I have been able to follow beautiful other courses such as children’s yoga with Helen Purperhart at the Jip en Jan academy, aerial and aerial restorative yoga at Aerial Yoga Netherlands, and yin medicine 1 and 2, at Bivag. A wonderful training with assistant yin yoga, shiatsu massage, cranio sacral and functional osteopathy. This training has touched me and I think it is wonderful to see the great results you can achieve with 1 on 1 assisted yin lessons. In 2018, restorative yoga fundamentals 1 and 2 by Veda Ela and Yin 3.3 were added. You can find an overview of all the training courses I have done in recent years here. At the moment I teach at Tula Amsterdam and Centrum Heartful in Loenen. In addition, I regularly fall in at locations in Amsterdam, Weesp and Amstelveen.

Ali Cetinkaya

I am Ali Cetinkaya and have been active as a masseur since 2011. In 2008 – 2011 I worked in a hotel on Cyprus, here I came into contact with massages and gained my first massage knowledge. In 2011 I started a new job at Captain Jack Yachting as a sailor. In addition to the usual work on the boat, I also gave massages to the guests on board. For me a pleasure to give but also to see how the guests could relax even more. An extra addition during a wonderful relaxing holiday. In 2018 I decided to learn more about massages and I followed a Thai-table massage training at Thai Hand International in Amsterdam. And that tasted like more. I have now completed the acupressure therapist training at the same school and I give deep tissue, thai table, thai chair and foot reflexology massages, in addition to the relaxation massages I already gave.
Ali Cetinkaya the flower of life Amsterdam

Together with Leontine we also followed a Raindrop massage course in Croatia in 2018. A nice massage that uses essential oils. My home base has now become the Netherlands and I give massages in the Netherlands. During the yoga trips that we organize together, I go along as a masseur. For me it is the greatest compliment when I leave people relaxed and recharged after the treatment or leave the massage table. I hope to receive you soon for one of the beautiful massages that I provide.